The Pros And Cons of Buying L-shaped Bunk Beds

If you have been searching online or at stores for beds for your kids then you probably know by this time that bunk beds come in various shapes and sizes. Bunk beds are categorised based on their utility and hence once you know the differences you can shop for them accordingly.

Of the various types of bunk beds that are available in the market, the L-Shaped Bunk Beds are an option that a lot of people are going for these days. These are very convenient for usage and hence are a major hit these days. As the name suggests these beds are shaped like an L. They generally make room for a study table in the bottom level and comfortably fit two children in the two layers. If you are thinking about getting one for your kids, then here are few things that you should consider before you buy one:

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The pros of L-shaped bunk beds

  • The main advantage of having a bed like this is that it can comfortably provide bed spaces for the both of your children. Both your kids will have a bed that they can call their own and maintain their privacy.
  • L-shaped bunk beds come in various sizes and hence are not just for kids. These are perfect ways to decorate a dorm room as well where two people will be sharing accommodation. There is a lot of privacy there and hence that can be used to one’s benefit.
  • The most important pro when you go for beds like these is that you get to save a lot of space as compared to fitting two beds into a room. No room looks good when cramped up with furniture and hence this makes a very good option if you want to save some space but make sure that everything that you need has room in your room.
  • Sometimes these beds are accompanied with bed side tables as well in the lower layer which makes it a good place to store your books.
  • And lastly, since bunk beds are shared, they help in promoting a fellow feeling and a bonding between two siblings which goes a long way in creating the right relationship between two children.

The cons of L-shaped bunk beds

  • The fact that it takes up more space than other regular bunk beds or loft beds make it a little bit cumbersome. This is not a very good option if you are seriously crunched on space. You will need approximately a wall and half to fit this bed and hence it can take up more space than other bunk beds.
  • It is not a good idea for people who suffer from claustrophobia. If you suffer from this condition then you will not find the lower layer very comfortable.
  • When it comes to kids all the safety measures have to be in place so that they do not accidentally fall down or hurt themselves. The steps or ladders need to be very sturdy.

Now that you know about the various advantages and disadvantages associated with this type of beds, you can make a well informed buy!

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