Bedroom Ideas for Young Boys

Do you have young boys at home? Are they full of energy and create a lot of nuisance? Then you must surely be wondering what kind of furniture you should get for their bedrooms so that they don’t break it with their adrenaline. It is always a little difficult to handle the energy of little boys around the house. It is a good thing that they are always curious and up to something but it is also a pain to clean up after them. This is something that all parents with a young boy face at some point in their life. Usually, boys in the age range of 5 to 12 years have a lot of energy. This is the reason they are so curious and full of activity. Therefore, it is always wise to keep in mind the kind of furniture that you get for your young boy’s room so that nothing gets damaged.

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best furniture and bedroom ideas for your young boy.

Bunk Beds!

Since young boys frequently experience an adrenaline rush, they can use that energy to climb up and down a good quality bunk bed. If you have a young boy at home, it is an ideal to buy good quality bunk beds for young boy. You can choose a two tier or three tier bunk bed based on how many young boys you are a parent to. They will love to climb up and down. Make sure that you have railings installed so that the young boys do not fall off and hurt themselves. There are several different types of bunk beds available in the current market, but not all of them are of great quality. When you have young boys, you know that they will jump around on the beds and hence you need a really good quality bunk bed in order to not let them break it. Also, do not compromise on the cost of the bunk beds, as the cheaper the bunk bed, the lesser the quality as well.

But if you feel that your young kids are not super energetic and will not jump up and down on the beds, you can also look at inexpensive bunk beds for boy too.

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Bean Bags!

Bean bags are super cheap and are also super fun for young boys. They will absolutely love to have bean bags in their bedroom. Bean bags are also very durable and you can even replace the beans when necessary.

Wrought Iron Study Table

At a young age, we would want our kids to be studying well and in a comfortable environment. Therefore, a strong wrought iron study table can be a good thing in a boy’s bedroom. They can even withstand the energy of a young boy.

Therefore, you have just learn a few good things to do with a boy’s bedroom. Hopefully, your young boy will love the new items you are going to get for his bedroom.


Are Bunk Beds with Slides Safe for Children?

Bunk Beds have been used since ages as they provide several advantages such as saving of space, saving of money, extra storage space etc. They are the traditional bunk beds that have been around for a long time and will be around for a long time to come. But in modern times, post the millennial date, there have been several new trends in bunk beds that have caught on. One of the trends is bunk beds with slides. This is an exciting and new trend that has the kids extremely excited and their parents very worried. This is because there is some room for accidents when slides are involved with bunk beds.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss if the new trend of slides with bunk beds are safe for kids or not.

Newer Options Are Safe

The latest options of bunk beds with slides are actually extremely safe for children because there has been a lot of engineering and testing that has taken place in the background. If you have a little girl at home, then you should look at buying a princess bunk bed with slide. Ever since bunk beds with slides became popular and people started demanding for more, companies have started to invest more in them and have made them very safe to use through high-end engineering and exhaustive testing processes.

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The new bunk beds with slides come with safety railings all across the slides and also come with smoother friction less slides which make way for safe and easy sliding for kids! The newer slides also have the option of rubberized slides. The reason behind rubberized slides is that there were many reports of kids hitting their heads and elbows to the edges of the slide. To avoid this, slides are now rubberized and made a 100% safer. But, this is an option you can choose to have and not a feature by default. Therefore, if you would like to get your bunk bed with slide rubberized, you can go for it.

Apart from this, the slides that are present nowadays are also made with a much gentler gradient. This means that kids will enjoy a longer slide and no steep falls.

Therefore, looking at all of these safety features that have been engineered into the new bunk beds with slides, you can easily choose to buy a children’s slide bunk bed without having to worry too much. Earlier, before all of these new safety features were incorporated, parents would worry a lot before getting a bunk bed with a slide attached. But now, this same tension is no longer present. This is due to the amazing technology that we currently have in this world. This has also made slides a lot more enjoyable for the kids as well. They can now enjoy the advantages of a bunk bed with slide without having to worry much about getting hurt in any way. This definitely means lesser injuries, scrapes and medical bills for the parents as well.

How To Ensure Safety When Using Bunk Beds

Yes, bunk beds are a really good thing to have for many reasons such as – saving a lot of space in bedrooms of a house, giving extra space to store items that would otherwise lie cluttered around the house in a disorganized manner, creating a fun atmosphere for your children in their bed rooms etc. But, there is one very big disadvantage of having bunk beds in your house. This disadvantage is that it is a hazard if it is not used in the right way or without the right precautions. There have been many accidents reported in the last year alone which are in one way or another, related to bunk beds and the usage of bunk beds in children’s bedrooms.

Therefore, it is a very big necessity that you take some precautions to avoid the dangerousness of bunk beds especially when you are using it to house your children at night.

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Making Bunk Beds Safe

The first thing you should do while thinking of having bunk beds set up in your children’s rooms is to have railings installed. Railings will prevent your kids from falling down while sleeping as kids have a tendency to roll around while sleeping. Sometimes boys develop their physical strength faster than girls. So, girls of the same age as boys may need extra support while climbing the bunk beds to avoid any physical injuries. Therefore, we would suggest you buy cool bunk beds for girls specifically. Whether you are housing boys or girls in the bunk beds, you need to ensure that you have railings installed all the time.

Installing side supports for the ladders that allow kids to climb up to the bunk beds can be a very safe thing to do as there have been many instances of kids falling down while trying to climb. The side supports for ladders of bunk beds are similar to the side supports that are found in stairs in most of the buildings around us. The main purpose of these side supports for the ladder is to provide support to those who are climbing the bunk beds so that even if they miss a step or go off balance, they can hang on to the supports.

Rubberised edges for the bunk beds can also prevent a lot of head injuries. Since, bunk beds are above the head, many kids often hit their head against it. Therefore, you need to rubberise the edges so that no one gets hurt. This is especially true for girls as they may not develop the ruggedness or hardiness that boys develop at a young age. There are specific bunk beds girls can use exclusively for the purpose mentioned above.

Therefore, you have learnt some best tips to keep yourself and your kids safe while using bunk beds in bed rooms. Keeping these tips in mind, you can install a safe and comfortable bunk bed each time without having to worry about the inherent dangers that a bunk bed brings with it.

Best Ways To Decorate Your Bunk Bed

When you have decided to buy a bunk bed and bring the bunk bed home and place it in the bedroom, the next thing you need to think about is making it look more customized and better. This means that you need to decorate your bunk bed. Bunk beds are typically very boring and dull looking on their own as they are painted with dull and neutral colours. But this does not mean that you need to keep it that way when you have bought it and moved it to your house. Instead of having a boring old bunk bed, we can decorate it the way we want and make it more entertaining and funky.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some of the best ways to decorate your bunk bed and have fun while doing it!

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Add Stairs To Your Bunk Bed

Usually, bunk beds are just climbed clumsily by kids. To make their life easy, you can install stairs to a bunk bed. There are several different sources and furniture makers that offer children’s bunk beds with stairs. Whenever you want to buy a bunk bed with stairs attached, make sure that you check the price and quality from as many different sources as possible as that would reduce the risk of being given a sub quality bunk bed. Also, this will ensure that you are getting the lowest price and that you are not being unnecessarily overcharged. Also, before buying a bunk bed with attached stairs, you need to also have a test of it first. This will ensure that you do not regret buying the bunk bed at a later point in time. Make sure that the measurements of the bunk bed meet the measurements of your home perfectly.

Nowadays, there are several different vendors and sources that deal with bunk beds. Therefore, it should not be too difficult to find good quality bunk beds. If you are an online shopping kind of person, then you should check out some bunk beds with stairs online.


Stickers are very versatile items that can be utilized in many ways to make our bunk beds look more customized. There are several different kinds of stickers that can be bought from different sources which would look amazing on your bunk bed.

Go Crazy With Paint

As we said before, usually, bunk beds are coloured with very pale and dull neutral colours. This means that they are not very funky or colourful. You can always change this by re-painting the bunk beds yourself. Some of the funky colours you can use are – reds, oranges, blues, yellows and greens. Make sure you paint the bunk beds and the stairs in complementary colours to avoid bad looking bunk beds.

Therefore, you now know how to decorate your bunk beds in a variety of ways. Hopefully, now you go crazy with decorating your bunk beds by keeping these tips as a baseline. But remember to go crazy with your own creativity as well.

Best Combination Furniture For Your Home

It is considered old fashioned to buy single purpose furniture, even in high society. These days, people look to buy furniture that can serve two or more purposes. People want even simple living room furniture to have multiple purposes. This can be due to many things – people want to save some money by buying furniture that can serve a dual purpose, people can save a lot of space when they buy combination furniture, people consider it as chic and in style. Therefore, if you are one to keep up to date with the latest trends and themes in furniture fashion, then you too will be looking for some really good combination furniture for your beautiful home.

Therefore, in this article, we will take a look at some good combination furniture that can serve a dual purpose in your home and save you some money along the way.

Bunk Bed Plus Study Desk Combos

These days, there are a lot of furniture makers in the market that are providing fantastic furniture combinations in the line of bunk bed plus desks. You can find cheap bunk beds with desk for sale from many resources that are available to you these days. You will also do well to search different resources to see which place offers the best prices and service. The purpose of a bunk bed plus desk combo is that with one piece of furniture, you have both a bed and place where you can study or place a personal computer etc. You can even get bunk beds that have a fold out option for a desk. This can help you with saving a lot of space and hence reduce the clutter in your house as well. Kids will especially love the idea of a bunk bed plus study desk combo as they would not need to walk far between their bed and the place of study as these are the two places where they would spend most of their time when they are in their bed rooms.

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If you are in India, you can buy bunk bed with desk online India style as there are a lot of desi options available these days.

Roll Out Sofa Cum Bed

Roll out sofa cum beds are usually laid out in the living room and opened up when there is a guest in the house so that they can have a place to sleep. These sofas can be easily converted into a bed which can accommodate up to two people easily.

Dining Table Cum Storage Rack

A dining table is probably one of the biggest pieces of furniture that we have at home and hence we can utilize the space that this dining table takes up. There are many furniture providers that provide great options for dining table cum storage racks wherein you can store stuff below the dining table.

Therefore, you have learnt about many furniture combinations that can help you decorate your home and save on money as well as a lot of space.

How Bunk Beds Make a Difference in Life of Kids?

It is not a secret that bunk beds are the ruler of all types of beds for kids. In case you don’t agree, just grab any adult and ask them if they wished for bunk beds during their growing years, and they are most probably going to say yes!Actually there is just something about these beds that stimulate nostalgia for youthful sleepovers!

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A Friendly Option

Talking about toddlers, they absolutely find these beds very friendly they not just spend their time on these beds but also carry out plenty of their activities on them. Many people especially go for Bunk beds with drawers for toddlers so that the kid gets everything lying within his range. Why to scatter things for your child when you can comprise everything at one place? Once you have such a bed in your kid’s room, he would definitely get inspire to try out new activities. The environment plays a great role in the activities of a child.

Compact and Cosy

Whether you live in a flat, small compartment or any similar small house, you need not to panic about your kid’s needs. These bunk beds can make his room full of luxury and items. A single piece will serve different purposes that too with so much ease and effectivity. These bunk beds are ideal for small spaces. They not just give a cosy ambience to a room or space but also make the most of that short, small apartment.

Single Bed for Your Multiple Kids

Many a time’s kids get so fussy that they demand for their separate beds. Of course, not everyone’s pocket allow them to buy separate beds for their kids. But the good news is that these bunk beds have made the situations really friendly. If you have two kids, they can enjoy their own separate area that to on a single bed. This way, a single bunk bed will serve the purpose of two different individuals. Your toddlers will not just enjoy their privacy but they would be right next to each other for play, study and fun.

A Pinch of Fun!

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When you were small, the beds used to be just a block of piece and nothing else. But now, you have all the options for your kids that you never had for yourself. There are so many different types of bunk beds that they lift up anybody’s mood. They arouse excitement and thrill among the visitors. Moreover the beds are so childish type that they leave no child unaroused. You can look for different types of beds like kids bunk beds with stairs. Here, kids can climb to their beds through a set of stairs. It would give them a feeling of adventure.


The bottom line is that no matter how stylish, attractive or dynamic these kids’ beds are, they don’t lack any safety measure. They are absolutely secure and comfortable for kids. These beds can actually bring a difference in the life of your kids. So, when are you going to make your toddlers contented with all they possess through these exciting beds?

Is it the Right Time to Bring in Bunk Bed for Your Child?

Once you have kids in house, you get very particular about their needs. But soon these babies reach a stage where they demand for their separate beds. Of course, you have to figure out through your little one’s expression that he or she needs a separate space to sleep. After all, how long are you going to snuggle your child in your quilt or blanket? She has to learn to sleep separately!

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Here, what you can do is, you can look for some bunk beds for babies. These beds are specifically designed for babies. These beds not just fulfil the requirements of babies but also give them all the safety they deserve. The concept of these beds are very simple, they possess everything that a child may require. Moreover, these beds differ from the beds of adults in so many ways. Let us peep into some of the ways!

Safe Stuff

You must be thinking about what is so safe about these bunk beds right? Well, if you go through your bed, you will see that the colours used, designs carved and stuff stuffed in is quite rough and tough. But once you go through the bunk beds, you will find the real difference. These beds possess bright, beautiful and attractive shades but all the colours are children friendly that means the colours are anti-toxic. Similarly, the design of the bed is smooth and soft so that your child might not get hurt in case he slips.

Rounded Corners

When babies grow, they learn new things every single day. You cannot always keep an eye on them but what you can do is you can make sure that they are surrounded by safe environment. In usual beds, you can find that the corners are sharp and square but in the case of these bunk beds, the corners are rounded in fact all the areas which might possess some sharpness are reduced to round curves so that kids don’t get harmed.

Packed with Creativity

Beds of adults Revolve around heavy designs, carvings or patterns but these bunk beds revolve around friendly creativity. Creativity is something that keeps the attention of your child intact. He not just enjoys the company of his stuff but try to make the most use of it. In case the bed is dull and uninteresting, it can lose the interest of your child. But in case the bed is spectacular, colourful and safe, it would always engage your child no matter what.

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No Need to Spend Double

In case you have twin toddlers at home then these bunk beds for twin toddlers can turn out to be a boon for you. You will not have to spend double and the needs of both your toddlers will get met through a single piece of bunk bed. They can sleep, play, learn and have fun together!


Thus, there is no doubt that it is the right time to bring in bunk bed for your children. While the world is progressing, you should also take a next step for your children.

Bunk Beds Cement the Relations Between Siblings

In this 21st century, if you don’t have a bunk bed for your kids, you might be keeping them aloof from a magnificent experience. Of course, such beds not just cater a lot of fun, enjoyment, safety, thrill and cosiness but they develop the relations between kids in the most amazing manner.

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Before we dive into how these beds cement the bonds of your kids, it is important to know that these beds are available in huge variety. You can look for beds in any preferred material like how about Metal bunk beds for kids?Such Beds have been manufactured to fulfil the demands of kids. Everything about these beds from shades to material, shapes to rounded corners make them comfortable and safe for your kids.


If you possess two kids who get along well, bunk beds can make the best friends out of them. Kids who act together at an early age shall be more probable to stick together when these fellows are old enough to step out on their own in high school, college, after college and further in their life. The bonds which develop during this very young age of childhood remain for the rest of life. It is because the kids share their growing years together and develop a natural love and admiration for each other.

Study and Play Time!

The understanding among your kids gets very strong, comfortable and easy if they spend most of their time together. Of course, once kids are in in college or jobs, they get separated but what about those young years when you can keep them together?If you have separate beds for your children, you might be doing no good to them but in case you have bunk bed, such a bed will surely develop in them a habit of doing tasks together.

These kids will learn to share their stuff, help each other and enjoy the moments together. They learn the very important principles of life right on a single bunk bed. They get to know the importance of company of a sibling, worth of a good friend and how they can get better when they have a helping hand next to them. Such delicate yet very important things get nurture in them during these sensitive years.

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Solutions to all Problems

When you buy a bunk bed for your kids, you actually buy a step towards their strong bond. Suppose you have bunk beds for kids with storage in your house and your children are sharing their activities on it, it would certainly push them towards a more cohesive future. Even if they come across any grudges or fights over petty issues their bunk bed would become a thread to keep them together. From bedtime to storage, everything will be shared by them and thus the problems will take a back seat.


Thus, it has been seen that bunk beds keep the bonds stronger, warmth and lively. Children never feel out of the place when they have bunk beds at home. They learn to share all their things with their siblings and such deeds lead to their bright, cohesive and more loved future.

Why Bunk Beds are the Right Choice for Your kids?

Bedtimes becomes even more convenient, easy and arresting when you have bunk beds for your children. Today, bunk beds are making a great comeback and children love them as much as adults do. These beds are not just limited to bedtime but there is much more to them.

If you want your bunk bed to play a multi role then you can buy bunk bed with desk this way, you will kill the two birds with one mark. You need not to buy additional study desk for your kids because your bed will be having it right there! These multitasking items do make the room extremely spacious and lively.

bunk bed with desk

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Worth Having

In case you have never tried these bunk beds for your children then you must try them now. These beds won’t just beautify the room of your kids but also give them a creative form of living. You cannot expect your kids to relish that heavy, boring furniture. These bunk beds are especially designed to fulfill the desires of kids. The beds make a great impact on both the kids and the on lookers.

Talking about desks attached to these beds, they look absolutely snuggled and creative. An excellent thing about these beds is that you need not to buy any desk separately because a well-designed desk is right there. Once your child uses such a two in one concept, he would certainly find it more engaging. Since the place is liked by the kid, the area would certainly attract him to spend more time therein. So, who knows your kid begins to relishes his studies as well?

Convenient and Cost effective

Many people think that they cannot afford different furniture items for their children. Since these bunk beds are there, a lot of their issues have resolved. They are in a position to buy stuff at convenient rates. Moreover, a single furniture item is catering them two separate features that too within their budget. What can be more happening for parents to cater the best to their children within their pocket?

It has been seen that children prefer these bunk beds over the other furniture items. They easily relate with these items and find them of their type. Of course, since the bunk beds have been designed to fulfill the requirements of kids they are bound to make them happy and contented. You must try them for your kids After all; your children too deserve these attractive and safe furniture items.

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Proper Specifications

The realm of these beds is so wide spread today that you can find separate types of beds for both boys and girls. For example for your princess, you can go for a beautiful pink bunk bed with some amazing girly pattern on it. And for your hero, you can try out the collection of cool bunk beds for boys. After all, the beds of your children should enhance their personality!


Thus don’t you think these bunk beds are the right choice for your kids? There is no good reason to say no to these beds!