Guide to Organize your Dorm Room

Once you get enrolled in your college or get a job which is in a different city one of the struggles that follows is finding yourself a living space which fits your budget which is mostly limited. Is such situation, the most feasible option for you is to have a roommate who will share the load of the rent. However, it is quite a challenge to find a spacey apartment in most metropolitan cities and the chances are you will end up with an apartment which has limited space. This is where our article comes handy as we guide you through to make the best use of the space available and turn it into a cozy living space for you and your roommate.

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    1. Shelves
      1. Bedding

This is one the most crucial part while you put together your entire room. A pair of single beds or one queen sized bed consumes an enormous amount of space which will leave you with little to no space in your already small room. Bunk beds are a type of bed in which there are two separate single bed frames placed in two tiers which makes them ideal for sharing. Bunk beds with stairs for adults can be found at various online shops at really affordable prices. It not only gives you and your roommate separate beddings while only taking the space of one single but also gives you space to store things beneath the bed. You can buy a bunk bed even f you are living by your own and use the lower tier of the bed as a couch while the upper tier cane be your comfortable bed to snooze on.

Try as much as you can to have the minimum number of things on the floor to make your room look spacey. Hence, go for wall mounted shelves to organize your things. You can also mount these shelves on the side of your bed to make them work as bedside tables. If you are mounting one beside the top tier of the bed then it idea good idea to use double sided tape of a glue gun to fix the things like photo frames or décor pieces or lamps on the shelf so they do not topple over and break.

  1. Décor

Keep the décor of the place minimal to avoid cluttering the entire lace and the clean up that follows. However, you can use a thread and hang pictures of your best memories and moments which will bring a smile to your face every time you look at them. You can also you small pots to plant succulents to add a little bit of greenery to your room. Succulents are really easy to care for and needs to be watered two to three times a week which makes them the best for busy millennials. Buy big mirror with a nice frame around it and mount it on the wall. Mirrors tend to make a room feel lager by reflecting light. You can add fairy lights around it to make it look even prettier. You can buy mirrors along with the bunk beds with stairs online.

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