5 Reasons for you to Invest in Wooden Furniture

Wood has been used to carve out furniture since time immemorial and for good reasons. While choosing furniture nowadays, we are often presented with options other than wood like steel, plastic, wrought iron, etc. However, wood still reigns as the best material for furniture for the following reasons:

kids bed

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    1. Durable

Wood can last you for centuries with a little care which makes it an obvious choice for making furniture and fixtures in most homes as well as commercial spaces. Wooden furniture is safe from spills or scratches or dents or cracks which is a very common problem with materials such as glass. Good quality wood is stays safe from the assault of termites and fungus when taken care of. Wood is also very resistant to changing weather condition like frost, rise or fall in humidity, etc. Not only that, wood is much less likely to crash as plywood or medium density fibreboard.

  1. Modifiable

The best part about wooden furniture is that they can be modified in shape and size very easily by a carpenter. So if you want you can give a completely new look to your old furniture without making a huge investment in new ones. It is also great for modifying kid’s furniture like bunk beds with drawers into a study table or into a larger bed once they grow out of the bunk bed. A simple polish job can bring new life and shine to your old wooden furniture. It is also easy to salvage scratches or a little crack or a break here and there. So wooden furniture of good quality is a onetime investment you can reap from your entire life.

  1. Variety

There hundreds of different varieties of wood and each gives a unique colour, grain pattern and finish to the furniture, so you can pick and choose one that goes with the colour scheme of your décor. The different varieties come at different price points so you can pick one which fits your budget the best.

  1. Easy to clean

It is quite a task to clean materials like glass or metal which either gets scratches and marks or tarnishes with time. You often need to invest in special cleaners and cleaning tools to take to clean the perfectly which also consumes a lot of your precious time and money. However, all you need to clean wood is a soft cloth to wipe off the accumulated layer of dust and grime. If you want a deeper cleaning then you can use a wood cleaner along with the cloth to wipe the furniture clean every now and then.

  1. Value for money

Wood is not only more durable but also easily modifiable when compared with other materials like glass or plywood or metal. So once you invest in a piece of good wooden furniture you do not have to worry about having to replace it in a few years so it is the complete value for money as they will last you forever and can be modified. Wooden furniture like wooden bunk beds with drawers can also offer you a lot of space for storing things which eliminates your need to buy more furniture and storage units.

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