Things To Include In Your Baby Girls Room

When a baby girl is born, it is a very special occasion. The baby is the start of the house and the most precious thing in your life. She gets all the attention in the house and she also gets a special room for herself in the house. The room cannot be decorated like any ordinary room. After all, it belongs to your princess. She needs something royal for herself.


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A baby girl’s room is the best room to decorate because you can include anything pretty into it. Here are some tips on how to decorate a baby girl’s room –

  • Of course, the first colour that comes to your mind when you think of a girl’s room, especially a princess themed room is pink. Pink has become symbolic to little girls. So, if your tiny one loves pink, you can paint the room pink and theme the entire look in pink colour. But, it is not mandatory that you use pink. You can also use colours like peach, beige, white, silver, gold or purple to do up your child’s room. All these colours are soft, feminine and cheery. If you want it to be a fun room, you can also go for orange or a floral theme.
  • No matter how rich the colours and theme of the room might be, you will have to add a playful touch to it. Because it is a small child’s room. So, you can create a corner just for colourful and fun stuff like painting, drawing and fun activities. This corner can have all the colours in the world. Include colourful chair or bean bag and a fun table. If you do not want to spoil the wall by coloring it, just add a soft board where your child can stick her paintings to.
  • A room gets the look of a princess room because of the bed. Put a large princess bed at the center of the room to highlight it. The pretty bed is going to draw all the attention and also be comfortable for your child to sleep in. if you have two daughters sharing the room, you can just put in a Princess bunk bed with Mattress. Cover the mattress with pink sheets and throw in lots of pink and gild coloured cushions and voila! Your daughters’ princess themed bed is ready for use.
  • When it comes to furniture, try putting in contemporary furniture that can stay put for many years, even when your little one grows up to become a teenager. While selecting furniture keep this in mind that they must be functional even for a grown up girl.
  • If you cannot provide a separate play room for your girls, you should create play space inside the room. There must be plenty of space for your children to play games, have fun and entertain their playdates. Try and create a clear separation between the bedroom space and the play space. This is because both the places have distinct and defined purpose.

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