The Various Types of Cool Bunk Beds for Girls You Should Know About

Is your family large? Space is a problem in large families dwelling in urban areas. This is the reason why you should buy bunk bed for kids. Before choosing any bunk bed, consider your needs. Look for functions that your child is wishing for. Take exact measurement of the room before choosing a bed. Consider your budget before making any choice. There are a lot many options in bunk beds for kids from basic bunks, triple bunk beds to something as lavish as Princess bunk bed with slide. Simply put, a bunk bed is that type of bed which is stacked one upon another. There is a pole in the corner to support the bunk. To reach out to the top bunk, one must use a ladder. The topmost bunk is also surrounded by railing to prevent the child from falling.

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Bunk bed is no more just a bed

Bunk bed is not just a bed to sleep. They are such versatile beds where more than one child can sleep, study and play. If your family is large, you may be looking to save space. Consider buying bunk bed which maximizes floor space. Bunk beds are kids’ bed predominantly but be careful when using the top bunk. If the floor space is less, it may even be used outside the home. Popular kinds of bunk beds for girls are Princess bunk beds, doll houses, hostels, Disneyland bunk bed, bunk beds with reading lamps or it can carry any of the movie themes. The following are the types of bunk beds:

  • Basic bunk bed has two beds- one below and one above it. This type of bunk bed carries twin mattresses and so you may take that apart to form separate bed.
  • If there is more than one girl, you can use Futon Bunk Bed. This kind of bunked bed carries lofted bed on the futon. There may be either twin sized mattresses or the bed may be of full size. A futon bed serves multiple purposes. It also comes with couch that may be used by girls to watch TV.
  • The L-Shaped bunk is similar to basic bunk but its sleeping configuration is different. If the room is spacious, you may choose this bunk bed.
  • Basic loft gives a lot of freedom and flexibility to parents looking to design kid’s bedroom. The unique kind of bunk bed opens up many possibilities. Using the loft bed, you may create storage area and play area for your daughter
  • If there is limited space in the room, you may choose study loft. It fits seamlessly in the corner and so there is plenty of space in the middle of the room for other activities.

Unique bunk bed can make cool bedrooms

Bunk beds may be availed in unique designs. It may fit in the corner or can even be installed to the ceilings. To help kids organize their stuffs, look for a bunk bed with additional storage space. A bed may have drawers, storage spaces to accommodate books, toys, accessories.

Cool bunk beds for girls make for unique and beautiful bedroom. T shape and L shape bunk beds can fit in more easily.

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