Redecorate The Room According To Her Age

Are you planning to redecorate your growing daughter’s bedroom? There are a lot of things you have to consider before you go about it as you will find not one girl who has the same preferences as the other. They are all unique having different choices which make them special in their own way. You will see that they dress differently and even organise things in a different way. It is very important to capture their individuality in their own room when redesigning her room. As she is not a toddler anymore she would want different things in her room. Some like bright colours and prints while some like things in her room to be plain and simple. Some of the things you need to decide carefully are:

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Beds: The first thing you need to think about when redesigning is the bed. A bedroom is incomplete without a bed, so finding an appropriate one is utterly necessary. There are so many options available like single beds, bunk beds, double beds etc. When you have two girls, bunk beds are a better option as at this age girls love jumping around and climbing things. Bunk beds add a little bit of fun to their bedrooms. Many places offer princess bunk beds with mattress for sale Finding one would be very profitable for you. But do take your daughters’ opinions before going and buying one for them.

Study Area: Your daughter joining elementary school means her daily dose of studies will increase. She will be given homework daily and she needs a proper place to sit and comfortably complete them. A proper desk with enough space to fit her books and copies will help her a lot, but make sure it doesn’t take up most of the space of the room.

Colours, Prints And Patterns: A girly girl would like her bedroom to be filled with many bright colours giving the room a cheerful touch. Tropical patterns and cheery wallpapers would be favoured. Cute stuffed animals and a fuzzy blanket would add to the appeal of the room. Shiny bookcase and lamps would give the room a retro feel and bring out the total glamour. The ceiling can also be painted which will surely make your daughter mark you as their favourite parent. Though pink is the favourite colour of many girls, their room should include all kinds of colours. rainbow can be used to take some inspirations.

Storage: This is another important aspect which needs to be discussed thoroughly. You daughter herself might be small in size but there are a lot of her stuff which needs proper storage area. Though it is very unlikely that she would keep her room clean by herself, it is necessary to teach her how to properly organise her things. Wardrobes with shelves, drawers etc will help her keep her things in an orderly manner.

There are a lot of things to consider so you have to properly decide a budget. Getting children’s bunk beds with mattress will cut down on your costs than buying the beds and mattresses separately.

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