How Safe Children’s Bunk Beds Should Be For Children

On many occasions it is a practical solution to use inexpensive bunk beds for boy to share the bedroom when we have two children or several children living in the same home. But, do we know what are the minimum and indispensable requirements for children’s berths to be totally safety avoid risks to the health of our children?

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Even though these days we have brilliant safety system regarding the produce of this kind of bunk beds for young boy, there are still a lot of accidents that happen while children are resting in their bunk beds. On the other hand, in most cases, these mishaps are easily avoidable if sufficient information is available on the proper use of these types of beds.

Safety in children’s bunk beds

Safety is fundamental when we talk about children’s bunk beds. To be able to install bunks without endangering children there are a number of measures that must be taken.

Safety standards

Luckily nowadays it is obligatory in all children’s furniture. The regulations regarding the manufacture of this type of furniture are strict. In that sense we can be calm, everything is designed not to cause accidents caused by the construction of the furniture itself.

Recommended age

The regulations indicate that the minimum age for sleeping in bunk beds in the upper bed is 6 years. This depends a lot on the child, what moves when you sleep, if you have episodes of sleepwalking … In those cases it may be better to choose a trundle bed to avoid accidents.

Ceiling height

Always when ordering our bunk beds for children we must consider the height of the roof. It should be enough for the child to be incorporated; this is a minimum of 60 centimetres between the mattress and the ceiling.

Security barriers

By regulations there must be barriers on all four sides of the bed in all children’s bunk beds. The handrails must exceed the height of the mattress by at least 13 centimeters. For example, a 20-centimeter mattress will require handrails at least 33 centimeters high.


The ladder of the children’s berths must be firmly fixed to the structure so that it can not move when the child climbs or falls. In addition, their rungs must have a minimum width of 3 centimeters, be made of non-slip materials and with a distance between them of 30 to 45 centimeters.


Regarding the construction material of the bunk beds for children, there are no limitations. The important thing is that the structure is solid, stable, and resistant and that it is firmly fixed to the wall so that no sudden movement can occur. The edges must be rounded and the paints and varnishes hypoallergenic.

Mattress and mattress

The mattress should be perfectly anchored in the structure. There should not be any loose parts. The mattress must be adjusted, it must be the exact size for each bunk, thus avoiding gaps through which children could insert a limb and get trapped.

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