Growing kids Need a New Room

Having growing children in your house is a big responsibility. As they grow, a lot of changes have to be brought in. They should be given a space of their own. Their room needs to be a perfect environment for them. So it needs to be redecorated according to their age for their satisfaction as well as proper growth. Planning and carrying out this tremendous job requires a lot of effort and needs to be done correctly. When you make changes in your child’s room, you should keep in mind their preferences and choices. So that when you enter the room you will be able to see a part of him or her in the room. The personality of your child will be reflected in the room.

Redecorating your child’s room is no piece of cake. So you have to keep a lot of things in your mind. Keeping track of every little detail is very necessary. The bed, the colours and patterns to use, the furniture, the storage facilities, etc. have to be taken care of appropriately. Instead of getting a lot of furniture which takes up all the space, you can opt for one which can serve a multipurpose, such as children’s bunk beds with drawers. It will have space for two children to sleep and the drawers provided will serve as a great storage facility. Doing it all alone is a little difficult, so you should keep a few tips in your mind when you think of redesigning the room of your child.

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Colours and Prints

The wall should be given a bright and cheery feel to it. For a children’s room, dull colours should be avoided. The overall atmosphere should be a happy one. Wallpapers with colourful prints with beautiful patterns will be the best option. Flowery prints will be loved by girls while boys might not prefer it so much. Wallpapers which have their favourite cartoon characters will also be a good choice. But you must absolutely take their opinion on it. The blinds or curtains should also be matched with the room’s intensity.


The main thing in a bedroom is a bed. This is one thing which you can’t get wrong. According to your choice or your child’s needs you can choose to get a double bed, single bed or even bunk beds. You can choose the built, material and the design of the bed. You can choose for it to be a simple one or a decorative one. But do make sure that up most of the space in the room. Otherwise there won’t be much space left for other furniture such as wardrobes and study tables. So you can always choose to buy a multipurpose bed. If your nearby furniture showroom doesn’t have it, you can easily buy bunk beds with drawers online.


Proper storage quarters are extremely necessary. Your child needs to learn proper organisation of stuff. Separate places must be given for clothes, toys, books etc. When he will have appropriate storage areas, he won’t have any excuse to leave a clutter after himself.

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