Fun Bed Designs For Your Kid

Thinking about getting a quirky little bed for your little one? Looking for some fun and cool ideas to play around with? Well when it comes to children’s beds these days, you are bound to be spoilt for choices! There are so many that you will have a tough time choosing one from the many designs that are out there.

Princess Bunk Bed With Slide

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Well a very important thing that you ought to remember before you pick a design for your kid’s bed is that it has to be something which will be convenient, of the proper size so that it can comfortably fit into your room and it also has to be comfortable with a proper mattress. And more importantly do not forger to baby proofing the bed before you allow your kid near it.

Now that all the useful tips have been placed in order, here are some trending kid’s bed designs ideas that you can take a pick from:

  1. One of the most popular designs that is doing the round these days is childrens slide bunk bed. If you have two kids at home, who are roughly about the same age and you can try out this option. These are fun, colourful and they come in various kinds of themes. You can get them in popular cartoon themes or even fairy tales one. You can ask your kids to take a pick if you are having a tough time selecting one and in all fairness, the bed is for your kids only! These bunk beds do not have stairs connecting the upper bunk with the lower one but there is a slide instead which can be used by the kids. Up for some fun time? This is the one to go for.
  2. Did you know that you could fit an entire unit, that is to say your kid’s room in one single bunk bed? Yes, well you can! These ingenious space saving designs are something that have gained huge popularity in the last few years, especially since most of us live in apartments and in constricted places. The bed is on the upper bunk while in place of the lower berth you have a well lighted study table, including storage space! These too come in various designs and hence your kid can pick which one they like the most.
  3. If you are thinking more on the lines of a princess bunk bed with slide, then the perfect option for you would be to opt for a castle shaped princess bunk bed. While you have your own private lair on the top berth, you have a sprawling study cum play corner in the floor below! It is shaped just like a castle, with conical tops and is perfect for anyone who loves to dwell in the world of fairy tales. Wondering how you can come down to the lower berth from your bed above? There is a smooth slide connecting the two floors to add to your fun!

These are the top 3 fun and exciting designs that are trending these days. So go ahead and take a pick for your kid!


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