Dream Disney Room Makeover

Disney has offered incredible stories and strong characters which can serve as exceptional inspirations and morals to young impressionable minds. One of the easiest way to incorporate Disney is to give your little girls room a Disney makeover to not only make her live the dream life of a princess but also inspire her to grow in a strong, honest young woman. Here’s our guide to how to transform any mundane room into a magical Disney room.


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  1. Paint it Pretty

Most of the animated movies and series in Disney make use of happy, bright colours. So the first step to bring a drastic change in the room in by painting it in a pastel colours like powder blue, lavender, light yellow or a classic pale pink. It will give quite an interesting look to the room if you try to build a colour palette based of one of your favorite Disney movie or character.

  1. Fix the furniture

Try to keep minimal furniture which are multifunctional to save space in the room. You can find a plethora of Disney inspired furniture online at really affordable prices. You can pick a really nice princess bunk beds for girls from one of these stores to bring her sleeping beauty dreams come true. You can make a canopy out of a light and sheer fabric like tulle to add to the royal feel. Go for a large mirror with an intricate frame so it looks right from the story snow white and mount it on the wall. You can wrap fairy lights neatly around the mirror to give it a magical glow when the lights are lit. it will also serve as a cheap alternative to beauty lights.

  1. Go for a gallery wall

This will add the most interesting touch to the entire room. All you have got to do is print out images of her favorite characters and inspirational quotes from Disney stories and movies. Then frame them and hang them strategically on the wall. To keep everything classy and minimal looking you can just print out silhouette prints of the characters and put those frames. You can also add a few of your child’s art pieces as well.

  1. Do some DIY décor items

Make the following items along with your child to add little accent pieces. You can find all the materials along with bunk beds for girls and other furniture from online stores:

  • Repurpose old teapots and a few teacups which are lying around as planters. Fill them with cactus mix and plant little succulents in them. It will look right out of Alice in Wonderland.
  • Store her glitter which she might use for later art projects in glass mason jars and label it as fairy dust. Keep it on her desk for a pretty touch.
  • For a little mermaid touch, use shells collected from vacations and stick them onto plain photo frames where you could put your vacation snaps.
  • Use cheap plastic tiaras as curtain holds. All you have to do is glue the open ends of the tiara to make it look like a ring and slip the curtain through it.

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