Drawer bunk beds- ease for everyone

Rapidly changing times have made kids more aware of what they want. The wide variety of things like beds, tables, chairs, Tiffin etc, everything they want is of their choice. Parents accordingly bend according to the likings of the child. Bunk beds were such a discovery that every child since its discovery has liked it. Bunk beds were made to save space in the house but slowly over the period of time they are wanted in even the luxury homes also. They started in the Egyptian market but made the headlines through America. Since then they are famous all over the world.

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Bunk beds these days differ from the bunk beds of the earlier days in a sense that latest beds are the very much improvised version of the earlier beds. These days’ beds are customized according to the want of the children. Stairway bunk bed, tree house bunk bed, perch bunk bed, playhouse system bunk bed, coaster bunk bed with slide and tent are some of the latest designs of the bunk beds. Some of them are complete packages of fun games and activities for the child’s learning. Toddler bunk beds with drawers are another great feature of the some of the bunk beds which serves different purposes like keeping blankets, books, toys etc. drawers could be of various sizes according to the need. People prefer low-to-the-floor, high railed, low impact beds, low-ceiling beds because of the safety they offer to the toddlers.

Children bunk beds with drawers also work as small cupboards where all the stuff required for the child could be kept. Mostly the bunk beds with drawers are made up of the wood as iron beds catch rust after some time. Moreover, the wooden ones are smooth to operate and they offer a larger variety of designs in bed as well as ladders. Wood like maple, oak, teak etc is used in making beds. The drawers could be also made p of various designs. Solid wood made beds also stand the test of the time. The drawer could also be used as the third bed option depending on the requirement. L shaped beds are widely famous for their drawer designs. In such a design, the bed below is perpendicular to the bed above and aside from bottom till up could be used as only drawers. Varying from one age group to another drawer bunk beds can also be used as study tables, dinner tables, laptop tables etc

Beginning from simple bunk beds to the latest upgraded designs has given buyers options that could be useful to parents as well as kids. Compartments and drawers alongside a bed is a smart move for vacation homes also. Hostels in some areas of the world also have drawer bunk beds which help host and visitors too. A good design of bunk bed can help in many ways from saving space to money. All that required is some smart engineering and safe design as the safety is topmost priority for any child.

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