Different Type Of Bunk Beds For Children

When the family grows and we do not have more rooms in the house, children can and should be in the same room. As a solution to this problem there are special princess bunk bed with slide that will save you a lot of space and will be very comfortable for your children.

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Bunk beds to decorate children’s and youth rooms

Bunk beds are a practical solution to the lack of space in shared children’s and youth bedrooms. Precisely with the idea of ​​saving space they were created; when placing one on the other the necessary space is smaller than that which would require two twin beds. They also offer advantages in front of the trundle beds; children always have their own space in which to take refuge.

In addition to the practical advantages that bunk beds can provide us, these are the taste of the little ones. Children and young people are attracted to the bunk beds and today the market also offers a wide variety of girl’s bunk beds castle. We can find bunk beds both at ground level and elevated, minimalist and with original integrated designs

in recent years, bunk beds have become popular. They are increasingly in demand both for shared dorms and for individual bedrooms. They are a great option for when children or young people receive their friends. Choosing the right type of bunk, however, can be overwhelming because of the many options available. In order to help you in the decision, we analyze today in case of bunk beds the different options.

Bunk beds at ground level

The peculiarity of this type of bunk is that the lower bed sleeps on the floor. It is a much demanded option to decorate the first “adult” bedroom of the children. The upper bed does not reach much height, so that an adult can easily help a child reach his bed. In addition, this is usually provided with solid handrails for greater security. It is also a great option in rooms with low ceilings.

Bunk furniture with integrated storage systems

Nowadays this type of litter is one of the most demanded, because it integrates in a single piece of furniture many or all of the necessities in a children’s bedroom. Bunk beds are usually placed one above the other, so that storage solutions can be integrated: wardrobes, drawers, shelves….

They are compact and bulky, but they prevent us from having to place other furniture in the bedroom while the children are small. That will allow creating with greater comfort a wide and clear area of ​​games. An area that as they grow we can replace a study area with extra storage space.

Modern designer bunk beds

Designer bunk beds are usually designed to suit future needs. In a lot of cases, the lower bed can be moved to play with the design of the room or be removed in the future to integrate in its place other modules designed by the brands themselves.


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