Design Your Daughter’s Bedroom

Having girl child can be one heck of a whirlwind. Different girls haves different choices and preferences. Every group, squad or clique of girls has their own distinct style. These preferences are reflected in their wardrobe choices and this individuality should be portrayed while designing their bedrooms as well. In case you have more than one girl child, you will have surely noticed the vast difference in their choices. While one might like everything bright and colourful with floral prints and accessories the other might like plain and neutral tones with edgy prints. So it is better you gather some ideas about decorating your princess’s bedroom according to her liking.

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There are various patterns, prints and colour palettes which you will need to consider before you start. But the most important thing you need to think about is the bed. A bedroom should have an appropriate bed. For those who have only one child it is not much to think about, but those who have more than one need to consider whether to get double bed, single beds or bunk beds. Your little girls would also like to weigh in their opinions before you come to a concrete decision. Many girls like bunk beds as the get a little bit of personal space and also a little elevation. You can even get princess bunk beds with couch for sale for you little princesses.


The next essential concern is the storage. Though every parent knows very well the chances of their child cleaning up after themselves are pretty slim, they should provide proper, tidy storage systems for their child. Providing them with proper wardrobes and shelves, drawers and even under the bed storage benches leaves them no excuse t clutter all around.

Colours and Prints

Citrusy bright colours filled with cheerful touches give a tropical look to the bedroom having a sunshiny intensity. Loving stuffed animals, cute wallpaper, and a cheerful throw blanket which all ties which the colour scheme you chose will make your daughter love you even more. Retro bookcases having a silvery glow and beautiful glass lamps will just add onto the glamour. You can even think about painting the ceiling. Beautiful, colourful strips are one way to raise the bar of your daughter’s ceiling as it would be a unique one. Also you might think that for girls the majority of the things should be pink, but it is not true. Many girls like bright rainbow colours, so use as many as you can.

Study Area

As your daughter grows her daily dose of homework will also grow. So it is very important to provide a sturdy and spacious desk for her to do all her home assignments on. But make sure it corresponds well with the room’s other decor and also the total space. A small congested room filled with furniture is not the way to go.

Many other little details can be added. Cool bunk beds with couch for girls will serve the purpose of two things and your daughters would love to have it. A lot of accessories should be thoughtfully added.

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