How To Decorate Your Little Girl’s Room

Little girls are cute to live with. They laugh, make merry and have less tantrums when compared to the little guys. As cute and fun the girls are, their room must be too. When you have little daughters, doing their room is a task. They will want all the soft and pink stuff in the world to be in their room. While most girls love pink and frilly stuff, there are some exceptions. But, one thing is for sure, the girls will love their room colourful and cute, just like in those fairytales.


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Here are some ways in which you can make your girl’s room interesting and livable

Color –

Any room, especially the ones meant for kids will depend largely upon the colour used for its appearance. Most young girls are influenced by the candy floss stories that they read. The result is that they love to have a pink coloured room. Your job becomes easy if your daughter wants a pink theme. You can bring in everything pink and set up the room. But when your daughter likes multicolor, the confusion sets in. at such times, you can go for striped walls with two or three colored stripes. If your girl is fond of floral, you can use floral wallpapers on the wall. It is easy maintenance and looks amazing. You can also get cute stencils and get the wall painted in pretty patterns that your daughter will love to wake up to see every day. Do consult your daughter before choosing the colour theme for the room. And also include your own grown up sensibility because painting a room is not a child’s play.

Furniture –

Whether a girl or a boy, some furniture is mandatory in a child’s room such as bed, closet and study table. The only additional piece of furniture for a girl would be a dresser or a chest to put in all her fancy stuff. Make sure that the furniture are all of your child’s height and reachable easily. Also, the furniture should have blunt edges to avoid any hurts because kids are accident prone. Put in a large closet so all the child’s clothes fit into it and the room looks tidy. For better sleep experience, you can buy an L-Shaped Bunk Beds for baby.

Lighting –

The lighting of the room is as important as the furniture. Little kids should get sufficient amount of light to study, write, read and sometimes even when they are asleep. So a study lamp on the table, bed lamp next to the bed and a large light for every other activity at the ceiling is required. And, little girls can do with a string of fairy lights on their bed so that they get a feeling of coziness every night when they go to sleep.

These are some of the essential stuff that your little girls will need in their bedroom. Be it princess L-Shaped Bunk Beds or fairy lights, the prettiest things must find their place in your daughter’s room because every girl is special.

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