How to decorate your five years old child’s room

As your kids grow older, their tastes change too. When your child is first born, you would have done up his room with so much excitement. Using bright colours on walls and drawing super heroes on ceilings. But, as your child begins to grow up, he learns to choose between colours, patterns and super heroes. He develops a sense of taste in objects and materials. That is when he begins to have favorites. At five, your child will be big enough to alter the entire décor you chose for his room. The colour palate, the designs or the furniture.

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So, if you have a five year old son who is insisting that you re do his room décor, here are some tips that will come in handy –

Colour –

When it comes to the colour theme of the entire room, you must ask the master of the room, that is your son. You may be the boss of the house, but your some is still the boss of his room. He must have the room coloured as he wishes. Usually boys love to have bright colours like red, blue, orange or green on their room walls. Try and explain to your child to avoid red or black colour on walls because it is depressing and gaudy. After all, paint of walls cannot be changed every day. Explain to your child that the paint will stick until he is grown up, so he must choose carefully.

Bed –

The bed is the most important part of the room. You can make a boring bedroom concept fun by adding a fun bed to your child’s room. All you have to do is add a children’s bunk beds with stairs to the room. The bed below and a stairway leading to another bed above which can be used as a secret space for your child where he can read his cartoons or make up stories and dream about the future. Tell your child that the upper portion will be a no entry to adults so your child can have a ‘me time’. Today, you can get all kinds of beds in the market. Choose the concept that your child will love.

Shelf units –

A boy’s room must have a shelf unit that can hold all his toys in one place. Kids love toys, especially boys. They love to play with their toy cars and bikes. Instead of throwing the toys all around the room, the boy must be taught discipline and order from a young age. The shelf units must be kept clean and make a rule that the kid replaces the toys once he has done playing with them. This way, the room looks tidy and the child is disciplined.

Whether it is the colour of curtains or the photo frames hanging on the wall, or bunk beds with stairs for toddlers, consult the child and get his opinion before you decorate his room. When the child is asked for his opinions, he feels important and responsible about the room. This motivates him to keep his room clean

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