Decor Tips for your Darling girl’s room

When a girl is born in your family, you are all busy getting her prepped up and look beautiful. After all, girls love pretty things and looking pretty. One more thing that girls love is a pretty room. So, when you have a darling baby, you must make her room look every bit fancy and fun for her to live in it. Unlike boys, girls pay attention even to the tiniest details. You cannot just get away by giving your daughter a half done room. Everything has to be prim and proper.

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Here are some tips on how to decorate your darling daughter’s room –

Not always pink –

Not all girls like pink. May be maximum of them love pink, but you should never assume your daughter’s favourite colour. It is always good to ask what colour your daughter loves. This will help you use those colours in doing up her room. Some girls may like purple, black or even orange. Those are good colours to use in a bedroom too. So, be creative and use different colours. There is no rule book stating that all princess rooms must be in pink colour.

Bed of choice –

While most little girls love princess beds, it is always safe to ask what your child wants. If she wants a princess bed, you can get princess bunk beds with Couch for sale at good rates. If she wants something else, like something nerdy or cartoonish, you can always have it customized. Make sure that your daughter loves the bed and goes well with the theme of the room. You cannot place a princess bed inside a ninja themed room or a space shuttle shaped bed in a fairyland themed room. Learn to coordinate and blend the style. The bed can be done up completely with lots of heavy mattresses, sheets and cushions. Use a lot of cushions and pillows to make your princess comfortable and happy. It will also add volume and look to the bed.

Seating –

Instead of spending a lot on the seating arrangements for your child, try and recycle and reuse. After all formal armchairs will look boring in a child’s room. You can just paint old tyres and place them flat on the floor. Add colourful cushions in the space inside them and they are good to be used. You can also reuse old wooden boxes to make colourful chairs for your child. This is a way to make your child’s room creative and interesting.

Book shelves –

Little girls love to read. You can set up a few bookshelves for the little one to store her books. You don’t need to buy shelves, just use old crates, paint them in bright colours and place them one above the other to form an interesting shelf. You can also paint an old ladder shelf and reuse it to stack the books. This can be placed next to the bunk beds with Couch for kids.


The idea is to think creatively and from the perspective of a little girl. You will get many ideas to recycle and upscale old stuff that you didn’t even know could be used again.

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