How to Maximise Storage Space in Your Kid’s

One of the key things that you have to remember when you decorate your kid’s room is that as your kid grows up (and they grow up faster than you would want them to!), more and more things will keep piling up in their room. From old toys to new study books, your kid’s room will always be full of things that neither you nor your child will want to part with.

Well so how do you manage to keep the room clean and find a space where you can neatly store and arrange all these stuff? Well there are a number of options that you can use when it comes to increasing storage space, starting from using childrens bunk beds with drawers to using toy baskets. Here are some ways through which you can definitely maximise the amount of storage space in your kid’s room:

bunk beds with drawers online

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Useful Tips For Decorating Your Twins’ Room

Decorating children’s room is always a pleasure but it does entail a lot of hard work. You will have to keep note of a lot of things and you will have to make sure that you get every combination right and that too keeping within your budget. And it gets all the more interesting if you have twins. Whatever you do, you have to multiply it by 2- both the hard work as well as the pleasure.
So are you thinking about decorating your twins’ room? Well then you are surely in for a fun time! Here are some really cool tips that will help you to plan and make sure that you have the ideal decoration for your two lovelies’ room:

Bunk Beds With Storage

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How to Make Your Child’s Bedroom Fun and Interesting

Unlike the bedrooms of adults, a child’s bedroom can be decorated in many ways. There are more dos than don’ts when you are doing a child’s room. There will be no restrictions and rules to go by because you can be as carefree as the child itself. A child’s room has to be interesting as well as fun. As soon as the little ones enter the room, they should find it attractive and interesting to dwell in.

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So, here are a few tips to make your child’s room fun and interesting –

  • If you have two or more kids, you can use bunk beds instead of separate beds. This is going to give you more space that can be utilized to do other interesting things. Kids bunk beds with storage are a plus point because you get space for storage too.
  • If dedicating an entire room for toys is impossible, you can have a play area inside the room itself. Your kids can enjoy playing with their toys in that particular corner without creating a mess in the entire room.
  • A tiny library is also necessary inside the room. Your kids must catch the habit of reading from a young age, so encourage their reading habits by placing a book rack stacked with some good books. Add a tiny and comfy chair next to the book shelf and that becomes your child’s library.
  • When it comes to the colour theme of the room, ask your kids and get their suggestions. Do try and add the colours that they like. Also, the room can be themed according to their favourite superhero or storybook character. You don’t have to paint superheroes all over the wall. Just a painting in one corner and cushions with the covers of the superheroes will do.
  • Put up bright colored curtains to make the room bright and fun. Always use bright and jolly colours in your child’s room because you may not be able to it ones they grow up and start liking subtle colours.
  • If the room is big enough, you can also put up a tent in a corner. This is going to be the main attraction of your kid’s room. It can also double as your child’s play area. A tent is what the kids to love to live in.
  • A study table is a must in your kid’s room. You can make it a bit gun by adding some quotes from famous scientists on the study area wall. You can also place a globe and a periodic table on the study table to keep your kid alert.
  • Instead of the boring regular chairs, you can use bubble chairs, fancy leather chairs, and small recliners in your kid’s room.
  • Add a lots of cushions, floor cushions, pillows in your kid’s room to make it colourful and comfortable. Choose each cushion cover according to your kid’s choice.
  • If space permits, you can have a hide out kind of place above the bed. The loft is going to be your child’s hiding place on the fun kids bunk beds with storage.

These are some great ideas to make your child’s space interesting.

How to Save Space in a House

In modern times, it is no longer fiscally very sane to have huge houses with sprawling spaces, especially in the big cities where the land rates and the real estate rates are super high. Most of us may be able to only afford moderate housing spaces. This can create a problem of storage of items and other articles in the home. As Indians, we love to shop and hence we tend to buy a lot of items and bring it back home. But, with modest living spaces, we cannot accommodate all the things we buy in an adequate manner.

Therefore, we need to look at ways to save space in our homes.

Being Smart

Being smart and getting kids bunk beds with storage instead of getting separate beds for our kids can result in a lot of saved space. The storage aspect of these bunk beds is the real unique selling point. They allow for us to store all items such as clothes, bags, utensils, old items and even some important documents. When you have storage attached with the bunk beds, it means that you are completely utilizing the space and hence there is no wasted space because of the beds.

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Also, you can get sofas with storage which will help you hide away everyday items in the house that can make the house look messy if left outside.

Optimizing One Room at a Time

If you try to optimize your whole home at once for space, it may become very overwhelming and thus it is not a very good option. It is recommended to start with a single room and then move from there. One place you can start from is your kids room, you can introduce a fun kid’s bunk beds with storage so that you are keeping your kid entertained and happy as well as at the same time saving a lot of space where you can keep your kid’s clothes, toys or books and accessories.

Utilizing the Attic Space

Attic space is often left unused and old items and articles are left in the main areas of the house itself. Make sure that when you are not using an item for a long time, you push them off to the attic space where it can be stored until it has some further use. If you feel that you are not going to use certain items ever again in the future, you are better off selling them to someone else and making some money from them.

If you do not have an attic space in your house, you can create small partitions near the ceiling of each room and use it to store items that you are not going to use for a long time.

Therefore, you have just learnt how to save a lot of space in your house by doing some very simple things. Once you have saved all of this space, you can use it for other things like furniture etc. So, what are you waiting for? Go and make your home more space filled!

Explore New and Smart Bed Options for Your Children

Most of the kids feel that the bunk beds are wonderful and once the kid reaches a safe age to use one, bunk beds can be a great space saver in the shared bedrooms. Of course, you must always make sure that the bunk bed has firm guard rails and that the kids leave them on at night as you don’t want anyone rolling out of the bed when they are asleep. Similarly, safety ladders are vital as well and the kids should be motivated to use them rather than they climb around the bed posts. As kids get older and if their bedroom has enough space, many bunk beds can get uncoupled and used as single beds too.

Variety and Choice is Immense

There is variety of bunk beds available and amidst them; one popular category is of Kids bunk beds with storage. If space is at the premium, or your kid enjoys sleepovers, a bunk bed with storage may be the answer for you. He can store all his important stuff right next to him and similarly, kids can easily get curdled in these beds.

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Similarly, bunk beds are extremely comfortable and easy to transport too. If you are shifting, these beds can easily get carried. And even if you are getting into a smaller room, you can keep them without any trouble after all, the shape and size of bunk beds is always handy. Maybe today you have one child, but down the lane, you might plan to have more kid’s right? In such scenarios, bunk beds save a lot of money too. Your kids can easily share bunk beds that too without any trouble or worry.

Another important thing about these bunk beds is that they bring the kids close. The bond between the siblings grows stronger and they carry on a better childhood. Since your children sleep together, they share their thoughts, ideas and talks. Since it is so, there develops a strong bond between them. And whether you believe it or not, such a bond plays a key role in their future. Even when they are away from house after their high school, they find it easy to share with each other their ideas and talks. This is something that is missing in the families where children don’t really interact with each other during their childhood years. The reasons cemented in the fragile years of childhood hardly fade even after years.

Finally, if your budget is not really huge and you want to get a good bed for the room of your kids then you should go for bunk beds for kids with storage. These beds are much cheaper than the normal adult beds and there is enough storage space too. The beds don’t just look smart and active but spacious too. Even in a small room, these beds look trendy, childish and engaging.


Thus, it is not always about doing the things you have always been doing; sometimes, it is about exploring new options and alternatives. If you have always used normal beds, it is time that you bring a change at least for your kids. Grab bunk beds and give them a better childhood experience.

Stay Contented with Bunk Beds!

If you have children at home, then why not think about bunk beds for them? These beds not just serve as beds but also spread charm and colourfulness in their room. If you have always been thinking about adult beds, it is high time that you give a try to bunk beds too. Why to make your kids room boring and dull with heavy beds?

Of course, you can find different types of bunk beds like kid’s bunk beds with storage, bunk beds with slide and so on. Talking about bunk beds with storage, they are absolutely awesome in their nature. They not just make a perfect sleep time but also cater space to children to store in their stuff.

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What is difference between a general bed and kids bunk bed?

There is a lot of difference between these two types of beds. Have a look at some difference:

  • The main difference between adult furniture and kids is that bunk beds cater an extra Degree of protection that can ensure that all the furniture products you buy for your child are safe. This protections aspect has been given so much importance because children are extremely susceptible than adults.
  • One needs not to tense about the material, quality or fabric of child’s furniture. Good furniture is formed of quality E-1 grade engineered wood. Another interesting thing is that the furniture fulfills all the European safety standards for kids. . Moreover kid’s furniture is developed with the finest of non-toxic elements and craftsmanship.
  • It is a known fact that general furniture is formed of fragile substances, sporting piercing edges or loose mechanisms that can move unexpectedly. It may be tiresomeness for an adult but probably life threatening for a young kid. It is the reason that you should purchase kids furniture for your child. One should never take any type of risk with the safety of his children. After all, it is your responsibility to guarantee their protection.
  • And yes, even if you have a compact room for your kids then bunk bed is a lovely choice. Most of the people tend towards bunk beds because they save them a lot of space. Bunk beds easily get snuggled in the rooms that too without any headaches.

A huge variety

Since bunk beds are in the trend, there is no shortage in their variety. More and more people are getting inclined towards these beds. Especially the charisma of bunk beds with storage is immense. Your kid not just relish a beautiful sleeping experience but he can fetch his important stuff instantly because these beds can store his stuff too. So, there is absolutely no need to buy any additional stands or racks when you have the option of two in one fun kid’s bunk beds with storage.

So, it won’t be wrong to state that bunk beds are everywhere. Peoplelove them and buying them for their kids. After all, these are the beds that keep both the kids and the adults contented.

Space and Storage Options for Your Home That You Will Love

Gone are the days of huge furniture pieces that used to cover almost our entire rooms. This is an age of open spaces and is all about saving as much space as possible. You need to make room for more in your room!

One huge problem that a lot of people face is the dearth of storage spaces in one’s room. It is really true that finding storage spaces in your house can be a problem. A basement cannot always be used as a storage room since you have plenty of options and ways in which you can decorate it and use it as an extra room. So what do you do when it comes to spotting the best storage space?

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Well here are some great options that you can consider when it comes to finding just the right place to store your goodies:

  1. First and foremost you need to remember that your furniture pieces will eventually provide you with the perfect option of using them as storage spaces. If you get the right kind of furniture and include some foresight into it before buying then it can save you a lot of trouble and a lot of space. Let’s take a look at two ways through which you can transform your furniture into a storage space:
  • You can go for storage beds when you buy a bed. Box storage beds are really great since you can store the things that you want there and avail them just by lifting the boxes. You can go for four storage box beds or single box bed, but the four storage boxes helps you to compartmentalize and keep you more organized which helps in finding the product when you are looking for it. Plus it is easier to life the boxes as well. Beds always make great storage spaces since they cover a large area.
  • Bunk Beds With Under Bunk Storage is also another option that you can try out. This is a great storage option for your kids’ room. Kids keep on discarding stuff as they grow up, but there are certain mementos that we all like to keep. You can efficiently use this super space saver option in order to store all your kids’ mementos and it will also provide a nice and comfy bed for the two of your kids!
  1. Apart from furniture pieces you can make sure that there are enough lofts in your house which are a great option when it comes to turning them into storage options. You can fit sun mica doors to make them look like a cupboard which will help in enhancing the aesthetics of the room as well.
  2. And last but not the least do try out the trundle bed couches. Just make sure that the trundle bed that you buy comes with box storage facilities. These are mostly single box storages and are a great option when it comes to arranging for that one extra bed and for saving space in your room.

Now that you know these cool home and furniture hacks about storage spaces, do try them out!

Bunk Beds Cement the Relations Between Siblings

In this 21st century, if you don’t have a bunk bed for your kids, you might be keeping them aloof from a magnificent experience. Of course, such beds not just cater a lot of fun, enjoyment, safety, thrill and cosiness but they develop the relations between kids in the most amazing manner.

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Before we dive into how these beds cement the bonds of your kids, it is important to know that these beds are available in huge variety. You can look for beds in any preferred material like how about Metal bunk beds for kids?Such Beds have been manufactured to fulfil the demands of kids. Everything about these beds from shades to material, shapes to rounded corners make them comfortable and safe for your kids.


If you possess two kids who get along well, bunk beds can make the best friends out of them. Kids who act together at an early age shall be more probable to stick together when these fellows are old enough to step out on their own in high school, college, after college and further in their life. The bonds which develop during this very young age of childhood remain for the rest of life. It is because the kids share their growing years together and develop a natural love and admiration for each other.

Study and Play Time!

The understanding among your kids gets very strong, comfortable and easy if they spend most of their time together. Of course, once kids are in in college or jobs, they get separated but what about those young years when you can keep them together?If you have separate beds for your children, you might be doing no good to them but in case you have bunk bed, such a bed will surely develop in them a habit of doing tasks together.

These kids will learn to share their stuff, help each other and enjoy the moments together. They learn the very important principles of life right on a single bunk bed. They get to know the importance of company of a sibling, worth of a good friend and how they can get better when they have a helping hand next to them. Such delicate yet very important things get nurture in them during these sensitive years.

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Solutions to all Problems

When you buy a bunk bed for your kids, you actually buy a step towards their strong bond. Suppose you have bunk beds for kids with storage in your house and your children are sharing their activities on it, it would certainly push them towards a more cohesive future. Even if they come across any grudges or fights over petty issues their bunk bed would become a thread to keep them together. From bedtime to storage, everything will be shared by them and thus the problems will take a back seat.


Thus, it has been seen that bunk beds keep the bonds stronger, warmth and lively. Children never feel out of the place when they have bunk beds at home. They learn to share all their things with their siblings and such deeds lead to their bright, cohesive and more loved future.