Bedroom Décor Solutions For Shared Kid’s Room

We have all grown up sharing rooms with our siblings. It is the right way of growing up. There is a greater bond and a sense of closeness when you share a room with your siblings. Today, the houses are getting bigger and the parents can afford separate rooms for all their children. But, it is good to keep your kids together, at least for some time.

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For all those parents who are planning to put up their two or more kids in one single room, here are some décor ideas that will come in handy –

The first thing to do is to save space. As, more children will be living in the room, you will need more space for each of them. Cut down on space where ever necessary. The first place where you can save space is by putting a bunk bed instead of separate beds for all. You will be surprised of the space that you can save by using a bunk bed. And if one of the child is still a baby, you can get bunk beds with Couch for baby.

If you are separating the space inside the room for each kid, the theme should be almost similar in all spaces. Use similar, but not identical designs to make the place seem one, but also divided at the same time. In each space, include what the child likes. There should be a subtle similarity in everything inside the room though the spaces are divided.

When the children are of different age groups, it is a bit difficult to find a common factor that can be included in the décor. Know what colours the kids like and try to use them all. Also, the furniture must be integrated, because they will be studying and doing activities together even when they are of different age groups.

And if the kids are very particular about their privacy, you can use storage space like bookshelf or drawers as a wall between their corners. This will keep them united, yet having their own privacy. It will be like a semi-private areas where they can hang out and do their things. You can also use curtains in between their personal spaces. Drawing the curtain when they want to be left alone and opening it up when they are doing something together is also a good idea.

While they are sharing rooms, the children must get their own closets and storage space, which cannot be bargained. These spaces cannot be shared because the clutter will be a lot. Each one is given their own closet and drawers and this way, you will know which one of them is organized and who the dirty one is.

Whether it is buying the children’s bunk beds with Couch or selecting the colour for your kid’s room, make sure that they all get a say in the décor of the room. Each one should be involved in doing up the room. No child must be left out in this process because they will have to feel it is their space. It is possible only when you include their suggestions.

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