Affordable Ideas To Decorate Your Kid’s Room

Unless you are terribly rich, you will not be willing to spend a lot of money on the decoration of your kids’ room. This is because the kids will grow up fast and the room will need renovation in no time. So, all the money you put in there will go wasted. Hence, doing up your kid’s room on a minimal budget is a great idea. You will be surprised to see the number of options that you get even when you have less money for budget.

Bunk Beds With Stairs

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Here are some money saving ideas to do up your kid’s room –

  • Wall paint will cost you more. You can use wallpapers which are cheaper and you can find more options in designs too. Choose the wallpaper that will go well with the theme for the room. Use this paper on all the walls. This will not only make the young one’s room colourful, but will also save the walls from getting stained. Any scribbling and ink marks can be washed off or ripped off when the wall paper is changed.
  • Recycle is the mantra when it comes to kid’s room. Open up your garage and see what’s in there. Any worn out furniture or art pieces can be upcycled and recycled to make brand new addition into your kid’s room. For example, if you have a dresser that is old and not used, polish it, paint it and add it into your kid’s room where the kids can store all their crafts and toys. The old crib that you used for your child when he was a baby can now be used to store books or toys in a corner.
  • Use handmade and hand woven cushion covers that are made from unused pieces of clothes or old bedspreads. You can sew plain cushion covers at home and add glitter, paint it or write a message on it. It is quirky and fun.
  • When you have more than two kids, putting them in one room can be congested. The best way to make space is by providing bunk beds. Bunk beds save a lot of space and are also nice looking. Buy children’s bunk beds with stairs which will be perfect for the kids to sleep in and bond together.
  • Let one corner of your kid’s room be open for creativity. This corner is where your child can draw on wall or the black board hung to it, or do other creative activities. This corner can be messy, yet beautiful. Put up colourful toys, dream catchers, pm poms and other fun stuff that you kids will like. It is also an affordable way of keeping your kids inside the room without buying them gadgets to get their attention.

Whether it is adding cushions to the wooden bunk beds with stairs, or painting a wall, you must make sure that you include your kids in the activity because they must know how much effort is going in to making their room look presentable. This way, they will take more care of their space and will not clutter it. It is also good to develop organization skills from an early age.

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