6 Best Princess Bunk Beds With Slides

Every girl is like a little princess to her parents. So every parent always takes care of the small requirements and demands of their princess. Nowadays, princess bunk beds for girls are becoming a brand new fascination. Presently many princess bunk beds are available in the market which has attached slide with it and it also takes care of the safety issue of your little princess. Here we will talk about 6 such exquisite princess bunk beds for girls along with slides.

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  1. Pink cottage cherry Jr. Bunk bed

The Pink Cherry Loft bed is an absolutely exquisite bunk bed to furnish your girl’s bedroom. It comes in different attractive colors and design. It is a kids’ bunk bed with a slide attached to it. It is properly decorated to meet your little princess’s demands. Its charm will definitely attract you to this fantastic bunk bed.

  1. Camo cabin white Jr. Bunk bed

This bunk bed has an excellent camouflage design. It also has a slide attached to it. It is sufficiently large so that you can even use it after your kids have grown up. It is popular for its attractive colors and design. This bunk bed has a ladder with a handrail at one side and live in another. It also has 2 sufficiently large window cutouts.

  1. Ivy league cherry Bunk bed

There’s so much to love with this Ivy League bunk bed. This versatile princess bunk bed for girls can save space in the bedroom as it has a large size cozy sofa attached to it. A slide is provided so that your kids can have the fun indoor. This princess bunk bed is an ideal product if there is a spacing problem in your kid’s room.

  1. Creekside stone wash Bunk bed with slide

It provides a wide and large sleeping space for siblings. Its design makes the Creekside bunk bed a wonderful choice. It has connected ladders on one side that allows access to the top bunk. So no separate ladder is needed here. This princess bunk bed has several drawers within it. It also comes under the category of kids’ bunk beds with slide.

  1. Belmar gray Bunk bed

The Belmar gray bunk bed is an ultimate space saving solution to small floor area problems. It has a built-in ladder fixed in it. A full sized bed is attached below. It has a slide attached to it also. The bed is made of durable hardwood and veneers with a trendy gray finish. The bunk’s body is detailed with appealing shuttered panels.

  1. Midcity loft twin Bunk bed

The sleeping space in your princess’s room will become double with the arrival Midcity Loft twin bunk bed. It is popular for its attractive colors and design. It is made of solid wood and also veneers with a white texture that features the weathering details. A slide is initially connected to this princess bunk bed. You can add drawers and trundles if you require.

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